Blueberry Plum Butter

I’m slowly working my way through the fruits of my summer picking and gathering spree, and after the overwhelming response I got from friends and family who tried my attempt last week at Apple Butter, I thought I’d give my blueberries a chance to shine.. and oh how they did.

I did some searching online for a quick (haha) slow cooker recipe (Because who DOESN’T love being able to toss stuff into a crock-pot and walk away?) and found one at Food In Jars  that looked easy enough.

I started out with these amazing looking Maine Blueberries:


and then added in some beautiful plums– (halved and pitted)


Tossed it all into the blender to puree it and then poured it into the crock-pot:


Place a lid on the pot and turn it on to low. After about an hour, give it a stir. At this point, you want to use something to prop the lid a bit just enough room to let the steam evaporate. I stirred it about once every hour to hour and a half or so, just to make sure it wasn’t sticking on the bottom. After about 5 hours, I added in the sugar and a bit of lemon juice/zest and took the lid off and turned it up to high in order to help it cook down faster. (about 45 minutes or so — times will vary depending on your crock-pot, and how thick you want your butter) Once it’s cooked down to your liking, you can store it how ever you desire. I’m not one for canning, but the original recipe has instructions on that.


This stuff tastes amazing on some whole wheat bread in the morning with a lovely cup of coffee:

IMG_20130924_221039Enjoy– Let me know how you like it!


Blueberry plum butter recipe





10 thoughts on “Blueberry Plum Butter

  1. I love this recipe, especially since it doesn’t involve “real” canning. I’m too afraid of that business because I’m sure I’ll kill us all with botulism. THIS I could do. Thanks so much for sharing this gem at Saturday Night Fever!

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