Weekly Goals (Sept 9-15 2013)


Write a letter to each of the kids and mail it off
Begin Christmas Shopping list
Research and begin planning Vegas trip

Track Food and Mood no less than 5 days this week on my Noom App
Interact with one new person (face to face) in hopes of broadening my social circle

Learn how to make 2 new recipes
1. Homemade Chicken Stock via the Crockpot with some personal touches

2. Cinnamon Sugar Biscotti

Research a local cooking class

Plan one outing to engage 2 out of 4 clients at each house I work this week


Ahh.. what’s that quote about plans? “The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray” .. . well, that’s pretty much how this week felt. I was doing great until about the 11th…which is when I came down with the cold from hell that won’t go away.  I’m pretty sure it’s morphed into some sort of bronchitis monster living in my chest that is plotting my slow miserable death.. but I digress.

I did manage to try out  the two new recipes that I had planned on .. A lovely American Style Vanilla Biscotti and a Homemade Chicken stock recipe, as well as a Thyme/Honey base cough syrup (Look for those recipe posts coming up soon. As for researching a local cooking class.. I did, and there arent’ any being offered right now. My best bet is to watch for when the local High school offers their adult education classes and try and take the ever present Sushi making class or hold out hope for the occasionally present pastry/baking class.

I also started my Christmas shopping list for the kids– It’s so hard shopping for them these days now that they’re all pre-teen and teenager ages (?!?!)  Thankfully, they all love reading so choosing which books to buy has been the hardest decision I’ve had to make thus far.



2 thoughts on “Weekly Goals (Sept 9-15 2013)

  1. My husband LOVES Vegas. He’d be so jealous 🙂

    I love your goal of interacting with someone new. I’m an introvert, so that would be a huge accomplishment for me, but I totally see the value in it.

  2. I love Vegas too.. and it helps that Vegas is where my kids are in school 🙂

    I’m something of an introvert too (To the point that I moved out to the middle of nowhere Maine, just to not have a ton of neighbors) but I am starting to feel the lack of a social circle.

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