Happy Birthday, Mom

Happy Birthday mom! 

It’s hard to believe that it has been only 3 years since you left us and even harder not to pick up the phone to call you and wish you a happy birthday.  But today, I celebrate your life and the memories that you have created for me.  To remember your laughter as we chatted about various things from the weather, to your grandchildren, to what was going on in my life.  Wishing that I could hear your voice once more, for only just a minute.  We used to talk for hours on end about just anything and nothing.  I miss watching the kids talk to you, They would smile at me and shrug their shoulders, but just kept talking to you, telling you that they loved and missed you.. their Nana.

I remember visiting you for vacations, spending days and evenings with you.  Some times we would talk, some times we would just sit quiet in our own thoughts.  But every night before we went to bed, we’d say “I love you” and “see you tomorrow”.  I remember that last time I saw you with a heavy heart.  It felt so wrong to say “I love you” and not say “See you tomorrow”.

So today, mom, I want to wish you a Happy Birthday and to remember you as you were – strong, brave, loving…special.

You may be gone from this physical earth, but you live within me every day, every moment, every second.

Happy Birthday, mom….I love you



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