I’m just tired.
Tired of every dream and expectation i had when
i was a kid falling to pieces before my eyes.
I wish people had been honest with me.
I wish they’d tell me to prepare myself for a life time
of dissapointment and heartbreak.

I wish they’d tell me that I’m never going to grow out
of my awkwardness, s0 I’d better get used to it.

I think movies should have disclaimers at the beginning;
these events will never occur in real life, if they did you
wouldn’t be sitting inside watching a fucking movie.

I suppose we’re all a bit lonely and broken. I suppose
most of us just go through life, waiting for things do get better.
For some they do, for others they don’t. I reckon it’s up
to us to make the best out of it.
Question is, am i strong enough to try?


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