I’m alive

I gotten a few emails from people wondering where I’ve disappeared to. I’m alive, I promise. I’ve been super busy with the holiday season, starting a new job and starting up a new relationship.

New job:
I started in December working at a place called North Country Independent Living, up in the north country of New Hampshire. It’s an amazing company, that provides an alternative to institutionalized and campus living for persons with an acquired brain injury. It’s entirely community based. All the clients live, work and socialize in the community with no segregation or compartmentalizing. It’s amazing. The clients are great, my co-workers are amazing people and I don’t dread going to work there every day like I did in my previous TBI care facility (that company is getting a LOT of flack recently for unsafe conditions, both for clients and staff). I started out working per-diem, and immediately fell in love with it. I began picking up more and more shifts, until I was working almost a full time schedule every week, so I put in for a permanent shift and I start working it on February 1st.

New Relationship:

Back here, I spoke about a guy that I’d been starting something with. Well, it worked. We’ve been together officially for three months (almost) and we’re actually off to meet my dad and step-mom tonight. It’s going well. There’s been some learning curve for the both of us. I’m more socially outgoing than he is and we’ve had to make some adjustments in that aspect.  But, relationship-wise, it’s great.  He’s smart, funny, caring and warm and makes me a calmer person 🙂  It’s peaceful, and relaxing and I needed someone like that.

New outlook on health:

With all of the holiday stress and the starting the new job and the new love life– I sort of let my health slide.  I’m sure I gained a few pounds, I stopped walking outside as much (what with the 2 feet of snow on my trails around here and all), and I pretty much let my diet go. But, in the last few weeks I’ve really tried to change all that. I started experiencing some symptoms that lead me to believe that I am either suffering from hypothyroidism or Fibromyalgia  (or a combination of the two).  I am currently uninsured (now that I am on a permanent 40 hours a week though, I can qualify for insurance, yay!) so I can’t afford to actually go and get my thyroid checked or go thru the testing for fibro, but based on my own medical knowlege, the knowledge of current fibro/hypothyroid suffering friends, and the knowledge of an EMT/Paramedic friend– I do have the hallmark symptoms for both.  So, I started myself on a new nutritional diet and vitamin regime this week and hopefully some of the peskier symptoms will clear up. I’m tired of being exhausted and in pain and cold all the time.

Other than that, life is good. Go out and live it.  🙂 Here’s a few snapshots of this season!


camp tree kids new yearmt. wash


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