Hand me the keys to a shiny new Australia….

So yeah, I suck  lately at the blogging thing… I keep starting one and then I delete  it because I’m worry that you’re not going to be interested in my boring-piddly ass life, lol.

Still looking for a job.. It’s starting to worry me now. All the jobs I want/would be good at are now requiring people to have their LNA (liscenced Nursing Assistant) certification. Which I would love to have– but you have to take courses for it and they cost about $1800.. and are only in places like Concord or Dover. The state does offer to pay the tuition if you are a low-income person with a new program called HPOP (Health Profession Opportunity Project) but they only operate in Concord, Manchester, Nashua, and the Seacoast Region. They’ll pay tuition, books, uniforms, testing fees , gas and childcare for people who are interested, but you have to be on foodstamps… and have a car to get to places to take the course. It’s a damn catch-22. I can get this program, but I need a car to do it. To get a car, I need this program and a job. Grr. So I keep applying to different jobs all over the place and I get interviews, but either I am overly qualified (seriously, got turned down at Dunkin Donuts because of my background) or I need the LNA.

Not much going on on the love life front either. I’m working on this guy from Camp. But, I think he’s shy so its taken me longer than usual. I’ve known him since June and if it was any other guy, we’d have slept together and his wife would hate me by now but this one is proving to be difficult. We are finally at the texting till 4 am stage but haven’t gone out yet. We’ve made plans a couple times but something always comes up to keep it from happening. The first time, I invited him to Karaoke and then I ended up with a migraine and didn’t go. Last time, I invited him out to coffee with me and a friend and her boyfriend and he ended up having to work with his dad until late that evening. But it’s funny, because I was getting angry while I was out sitting with my friend waiting for him to say he was on his way and I never got anything, so we headed home… as soon as I get home and put my pajamas on and started typing him a text saying he missed a really fun time… he sent me one saying he was really upset that he had to work with his dad and that he was sure he missed a really good time. We like a lot of the same things.. Doctor Who, Big Bang Theory, Star Wars.. Geeky stuff like that, but like right now—we’re texting back and forth about baking. (He texted first this morning— that was new :0 ) So maybe, it’ll go somewhere, but right now– it’s fun just getting to know him.

I’m currently obsessed with the soundtrack to Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along-Blog– (There’s the deltoids of compassion–There’s the abs of being kind…)

So yeah.. that’s pretty much all that’s going on. That and an apparently a monstrous storm is headed this way.



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