The good in every day

I just read a post from a dear friend over at Tarnished Texan about finding some thing good or remarkable in each and every day.

She’s right–

It’s there. Every single day. It’s out there. We have to find it. If we look for it, I have no doubt it’ll be RIGHT THERE screaming at you: HERE! HERE! See this! It’s *different* and special and it’s YOURS, just for today.

So today, I started keeping track of the good things I find in each day and it’s fitting, especially since yesterday was my birthday, and I was  feeling a bit pessimistic and  just bored with the mundane of my daily routine,  I decided it was time to get a fresh perspective  on things. I grabbed the nearest jar I could find  and wrote down the first good thing about today that came to mind, and stuck it in there.  I plan on doing this every day until my next birthday. A whole year of finding something good about every day, to look back and reflect on.  Sure, somedays it might be along the lines of ” I didn’t cry today”, but I’m sure that there will be days where the happiness and excitement are just leaping off those little strips of paper. I can’t wait to read them next year.  I’m sure I’ll share some of them with you along the way 🙂





*** Today’s Good Thing***
I learned how to make homemade Peanut Butter, and it’s wicked easy!

1. Take a jar of peanuts (I used Planters Honey Roasted)

2. Get out your food processor

3.  Dump in peanuts ( I filled the cup of processor about half way)

4. Let it “process”

5. You’re gonna want to add water to it because it’ll look dry when you check it –DON’T!!

6. Let it whir some more (all in all, I let it process for about 5 minutes)

7. Just when you think it’s not ever going to turn in to anything resembling peanut butter.. VIOLA– It starts really breaking down and looking like peanut butter

8.  Spread on a slice of bread and enjoy !

** Since this is all natural, I’d store it in the fridge in a tight container– should keep for a while that way**


4 thoughts on “The good in every day

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