Happy Birthday to me

Today is my birthday! And I’m 33. And I’m of the opinion that this is awesome because, well, I think I’m fairly nifty, and I think birthdays are great. However, no one else seems to care much, as I am home alone with no cards to open…I guess there comes a certain age when other people care less about your birthday than you do, and apparently that age is 33.

But, another year has come & gone and there is so much to reflect on. Where should I start… 32 was a pretty good year. It had some disappointments (I am le unemployed and quasi-homeless), but on the whole, it was a  year of dreams, promises, challenges and discovery.

Birthdays are, without question, a time of reflection, a time of thinking of oneself and one’s life.  What kind of year am I closing out, and who will I be this coming year?  What does it mean to me to be a year older, now that I am long past the years of wanting to be a year older? My friends and family are all healthy and well and are living lovely lives. I am feeling fitter and stronger than I have in a few years, and am looking forward to feeling even better in the future. Looking back, do I have any regrets? Not my major decisions like entering the military, having kids, and getting married or even getting divorced. But maybe the minor ones like my health choices or stupid arguments in the early years of married life and my mistakes in parenting. But, generally if given a chance, I would still live my life the same way I did. Because looking back I know I have learned my life’s greatest lessons from my mistakes–especially the painful ones. But that is past. Today I want to dwell in the present and savor the moment. All in all, it’ll be a happy birthday, and I’m grateful for it. So tonight, I’ll be raising a glass  and toasting the year that has gone by, and looking forward to life as a 33 year old mother, friend, daughter, sister, loved one, and a healthy woman.


7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to me

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