My Thirty Spot–

I have some news!!, I have a guest post on MyThirtySpot! I came across this website, run by Erin Kennedy, on the SITS Girls website and  I think it’s a must read for anyone who is turning 30, just turned 30, or anyone who just doesn’t like what age they currently are.

So many women think that by the time they’re 30, they have to be “perfect” and when they realize that life isn’t quite as perfect as they pictured, it can get a little sad– I’ve got a few tips to help out.

Hop on over to My Thirty Spot and check out the rest of my thoughts, along with the thoughts of  other women who have joined in on this amazing project. Heck, you can even email Erin and join in yourself 🙂


4 thoughts on “My Thirty Spot–

  1. Sweet! I was just reading advice for young adults from oldER adults who’ve been there and one of the most profound things I read was “No one tells you that life begins at 30” – for most people, anyway. That’s when you really start chasing and accomplishing your goals. Feels true for me!

    • It really is true, for most people. We don’t realize how much life we actually have left to live when we are in our twenties…we think– OMG, I’m 21 “DRINK ALL THE ALCOHOL” and “DO ALL THE THINGS” but, really– I didn’t start actually living and loving who I was until after I turned 30. It’s amazing.

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