Little girl… you don’t even know yourself yet

Dear younger me,

Little girl… you don’t even know yourself yet. You think you do and you want to say that you do,  but you don’t really and you won’t for a very long time.

Pretty soon, you’re going to start thinking you have everything figured out. YOU DON’T! Every life has three parts ; the learning part, the ‘I’m pretty sure I know everything’ part and most importantly the ‘falling down on your knees crying and realizing you never stopped the first part’… part. You will hit rock bottom several times, but you will ALWAYS make it through. You are so much stronger than you believe and, when you feel like giving up, that stubborn streak of yours that you got from your mother will pull you through.

What’s in front of you is a whole world of things, people and places that you’ve never even imagined. Put yourself and your dreams first now, because it’s hard to learn how to do it 16 years down the road.Trust me –that 4 years in the military is looking scary right now, but you will love it, you will meet some of the best friends that you will ever have, and learn that no matter how tough something seems  you can do it, and do it wonderfully. Please try to apply this knowledge in to keeping yourself in shape…because  years down the road, you won’t have the energy or the inclination to do anything about your ever expanding waistline. I encourage you to go to school and get your degree, because if you don’t do it while you are in the military, you will have to wait a very long time before you can ever start it back up, and by then, you won’t even know what you want to be or do anymore.

Everything you do, every thought you have, every word you say creates a memory that you will hold in your body. Now is the time to change the negative thoughts you have of yourself, and know that you are a strong, beautiful and wise woman. You are not stupid, you are not ugly, you are not worthless. Don’t listen to anyone who ever tells you other wise If you don’t change those thoughts now, you will be dealing with them  years from now, and they are very hard to get rid of once they are that ingrained. Don’t put up with anyone who doesn’t respect you. Whether it’s boyfriends, lovers, husbands or even plain old friends, just … don’t. You’d never teach your own daughter (who is your clone, by the way) to allow others to treat HER that way, so don’t allow it for yourself.

Lastly, make sure that you have fun. Enjoy your life. Savor every memory. Savor the moments with family and friends. One day you will experience the loss of a loved one and you will understand how important it is to never take one day for granted.

With best wishes




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