Hire me, maybe?

Just got a call that a position that I was “very high on the list’ for was filled. By “not me”.  I am tired of looking for a job, I am tired of going to interviews and getting called back for second interviews just to not get the job.

I interviewed for a position a month ago for a care-giver at a nursing home, they asked for all my w-2 paperwork, paid for a background check, gave me an orientation and then didn’t hire anyone.

I interviewed last week for a position in a Chiropractors office, got a call back for a second interview, went and worked for 2 hours with the staff and learned all the therapy machines and just got a call that they filled it with someone else.

I have an interview scheduled for Thursday at the local hospital for an OR assistant. Wish me luck.. or don’t. Not like it’s going to matter, I guess.

Now that my “Woe is Me” Party is over — it’s Tuneful Tuesday!

I love finding obscure artists whose lyrics grab a part of my heart and don’t let go and today is no different. Butch Walker’s “Take Tomorrow (One day at a time) struck a nerve today– especially these lyrics

You got lost, For a while.
You’ve been trying to find a smile.
You got stood up, then you fell down,
and when you needed , there was no one ’round.
You loved the previews and hate the movie.
You scream at the screen, “Something move me!”
before you start to fade away.

Give me all your fear, Throw it all away.
and think about the good things, no matter what they say,
we’ll take tomorrow baby, yeah,
one day at a time.


7 thoughts on “Hire me, maybe?

  1. Oh my… That sounds so frustrating! It seems so odd that a company would go through the trouble to train you and then back out like that. Keep trying, I’m sure you’ll find something!

  2. Best of luck on your next interview. It sounds like you’ve had more than your share of the bad so wishing for some good to come your way. A job is a livelihood and I’ve been there and know how stressful it is not to have one. Your plan will find you!

    • I hope so! I talked to a dear friend yesterday who told me that maybe I’m not getting these other jobs that I apply for just because my perfect job is out there and it’s waiting just for me. Isn’t it nice to believe that?

  3. OK, I agree with the above! That perfect job IS out there. You’ll see! I was out of work for a while and when I looked, I was very stressed out since I have 3 kids, and need a situation that will be “friendly” to the requests I may have from time to time that go along with raising children. Guess what? That job finally came, and I start next week.

    I have total faith it will happen for you and soon.

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