Sports Sunday!!

It’s Sunday in the fall and in New England … that means sports– and in my house — that means it’s PATRIOTS TIME!

Watching Bill Belicheck coach Tom Brady, Wes Welker– (who, btw– has officially got a game in EACH of his 86 games with the Pats– No favorites here, lol, nope not at all ) and the rest of our team is a family tradition. Despite the fact that we are geographically separated,  the kids get to watch with their dad in Texas (Thank Goodness for NFL Sunday Ticket !) and I, being the lucky one.. get to watch all the Pats games on local channels.

But sports Sunday isn’t just about sports watching— it’s about sports DOING.  What did you get out and do today?  Did you play a team sport– did you do something sporty/fitness-y just by yourself ? I hiked 3.5 miles today out on a private trail up here in gorgeous Carroll County, NH.

Have a great rest of  Sports Sunday 🙂


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