Curse you stupid diseases…

It is 2 Years and 198 Days since I lost my mom to a stroke that incapacitated her for a week before ultimately taking her. It’s been exactly year (minus an hour or two) since I lost my Nana (Mom’s mom) to her battle with Breast Cancer.

It’s stupid that we still have to deal with things like Strokes and Cancer when we live in a world that can take a man and put him on the moon– or put a rover on Mars — or make Twinkies that can last decades.

— My mother.

— my Nana

It’s been 2 Years and 198 Days… It’s been a year— it’s been time in which I’ve made so many changes and started growing in ways that I can only hope you’d be proud of. Everything I do, everything I strive for– you’re always in the back of my mind encouraging me, I can hear your voice telling me that I can do anything I set my mind to. I love you both– The two strongest women I knew– and I miss you every day.

Mom– You were one of my best friends, my inspiration, my confidant, my hero. You were the glue holding our family together, she always had been. When we were little and my dad was deployed, I was never scared …because mom was there. When I was a teenager and testing my boundaries, I always knew in the back of my head that no matter what happened, I’d be safe…because mom was there. When I joined the Air Force and moved away from home, I wasn’t scared …because I knew mom was there behind me. When I got married and had kids of my own…mom was right there beside me, each time. When I got divorced…mom was there. Mom was always there to turn to, to lean on, to confide in, and now…mom isn’t there.

Nana– when Mom passed, I cried like a baby in your arms. You– who had just lost your oldest daughter, held her oldest daughter and comforted her. You became my mother figure, always there for me when I missed my mom, always willing to give a word of comfort or a hug. You sheltered me, fed me, You became our glue… and now, you aren’t there.

I promise you both, you will never be forgotten. There will come a time when people don’t have to lose loved ones to stupid diseases like strokes and cancer. Mom–I’m doing my part– I signed up to be a marrow donor and renewed my organ donation status the day you left… It was your final wish to be able to help someone else out if you were able– sadly, the stroke left you unable to do so, but I am. Nana– I donate to cancer research every chance I get– Someday, we will win.

Until then, screw you diseases.


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