Migralex Review

I’ve been holding on to these Migralex samples I received for a while now waiting for a time when I could actually put them to use – this morning was it. I woke up , after a very un-restful nights sleep due to a cold/sinus issues/ having to make the choice between breathing or sleeping. (Breathing won for the most part) and BAM! like a freight train came that tell-tale throbbing above my right eye, the one that says “Hi there… incoming migraine here 🙂 “.

Knowing I had my back up prescription of Imitrex on the bedside table, I figured now was as good of a time as any to try it out because per the Migralex website : Dr. Mauskop’s Migralex has not been subjected to the extensive clinical trials required by the FDA to make claims about its efficacy in treating migraine headaches.”

My thoughts: I was a little skeptical at first, I mean seriously– it’s just magnesium and aspirin– why would that be any more effective in treating my headache than my normal medications. Well– I dunno why, but it worked just as well as my Imitrex in pain relief and the best part was it worked twice as fast. I took two caplets of Migralex at 818 am and by 849 my headache was gone. Normally it takes my Imitrex an hour and I have to take an anti-nausea med along with it.  With Migralex, I merely took the two caplets with a glass of water and relaxed for a bit and the headache went away. I’m impressed.

Would I Buy it : I already ordered my first bottle 🙂 I can get 20 Migralex for less than it costs me to buy ONE capsule of Imitrex.


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