Rant about idiotic step-parents– stream of conciousness style

I am about to get really angry. Just tried to call my kids *(they live with dad during the school year) and I get no response. So I text their dad to have them call me. I then get a text from their step-mother saying that they are “grounded’ and can’t call me and could she take a message. Excuse me?!?!? No you may not take a damn message, you can have my kids call me/answer the  phone whenever I call. Its part of our custody plan that who ever has the kids at that time is to allow them to contact/be contacted by the other parents whenever desired. Their dad is not responding to me at all, and the kids phone is just ringing and going to voicemail.

I have an email in to JAG to determine what legal routes I can take.

All the phones are now going straight to voicemail and I’m not getting any text responses. I kept all my communication civil stating : “no Sorry. According to our custody agreement, they can’t be kept from calling or texting me. Have him call” and then she replied ” U don’t have to give me attitude! Ive never done anything to u except be nice to u” to which I replied “Not giving attitude. Stating a fact. Have him call me. Thanks” to which she replied “u r mean! I take care/treat/teach your kids as if my own and that’s what I get.” to which I again replied “have them call me ”

just got a call from their dad. He’s at work and just noticed that I had called/forwarded him her text, so she is the one stating that they can’t call. He is on his way home now to deal with the situation.


… It makes me angry that despite the arrangement we had set up prior to her being in the kids life, that she is able to just on a whim say that the kids can’t contact me because she’s upset with them due to grades. I am all for enforcing the “no phone/internet” rule when grades fall below certain levels, but seriously– who stops kids from calling their mother?




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