Green Mountain Coffee Breakfast Blend- Review


My Thoughts:

Now, I have said time and again that I am primarily a Dunks girl and even the almighty Starbucks can’t change that, but holy Mary, Jesus and Jerome is this a great blend.

Green Mountain Breakfast Blend is  a medium to strong flavored light-roast coffee made with pure Costa Rican coffee beans that is higher in caffeine than dark-roast coffees, so I can get that little extra kick that I need in the morning.When it’s brewing, you don’t get that overly flavored citrus-y smell that you normally find with breakfast blends, just a pure coffee smell–kinda like the one you’d wake up to on Christmas and Grandpa is in the kitchen brewing up a cup. It’s almost intoxicating. It’s also flavorful enough to handle mild and sugar if you prefer your coffee with additives.

Oh, and it doesn’t give you that gross aftertaste that some coffees do. ❤


Would I buy it : (again) A resounding yet. It’s a great coffee that just might take me away from Dunks 🙂


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