My unending attempt to get into contact with Burts Bees–

I recently contacted Burts Bees for a sample to try in order to see if I would enjoy being a customer of their company…
Well, based on my current dealings with their customer service and social media team, being a customer can’t be that great.

I emailed asking politely for a sample, expecting them to respond like their competitor Carmex with a personal email. Nope. I got a response back saying that if I wanted to try their products, I should just go buy them. Say what?
Why waste my money if I’m not going to like it? How does that benefit me or entice me to enter into a long lasting consumer relationship?

So I take to twitter and state that I was unhappy with the service I received from @burtsbees. I soon get a reply from @askburtsbees, the social media team from Burts Bees asking me to follow them so that they could converse with me directly about my concerns. This was over 2 days ago.  I did immediately and they haven’t spoken to me since. I’m beginning to think that I was used to pad their follower numbers.

Today begins another round of waiting for them to contact me back like they stated they would. I shall keep you informed.



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