Starbucks K-Cup Samples From Target

Not sure when I ordered these but I double checked the Target sample site and they’re all out (but I’ve seen them pop back in to existence time and again), so I was surprised when I opened the mail today and got these:

Three Starbucks K-Cups for me to try! Now, I am a Dunkin Donuts girl so this was a hard test for me. I kind of felt like I was cheating on my dear old Dunkin šŸ˜¦

My thoughts:

The Veranda Blend– After tasting the Veranda Blend, I found it was light, but very aromatic and you could still add sugar and cream and it was very similar to a restaurant coffee. You know.. the kind that they leave sitting out all day? Yeah, I wasn’t impressed. I thought it was slightly acidic and mellow andĀ  watery. I like my coffee to have aĀ  kick.

The Medium Roast– Again, this one was watery with not very much flavor. It smelled amazing while brewing but the taste itself was disappointing. You could probably walk into your local deli and get a better tasting cup of cheap coffee.

The French Roast — The French Roast is dark and tastes more like an espresso roast to me and that isĀ  the best thing about it because so many brands just donā€™t make their coffee strong enough. I usually end up making the size of the coffee smaller just to get the strength that I want. This roast holds up to cream and sugar well too. This one was by far my favorite.

Would I buy it– The veranda blend / House blend– No. Not enough of a coffee taste for me to consider spending my money on it. I would make an exception for the French Roast were I to find myself in a place where there were no Dunkin Donuts stores/k-Cups available.


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