Red Roof Inn San Antonio Tx — Review

Overall rating* –Average
Value for Money*–Fair
Staff & Service*–Average
Room Quality*–Average
Bed Comfort*–Good

Seeing as how this is the hotel that that “accidentally” kicked me out a whole night early at Christmas time last year, I’m not really surprised that I was disappointed yet again in my stay at the Red Roof Inn on NW 410 in San Antonio.

The air conditioner worked only when it wanted to– and in the august heat in San Antonio that’s a huge deal. I found several large bugs under the sink in the “bathroom/sink” area but they weren’t roaches, so I just tossed them outside. The TV reception was shoddy– and multiple channels were unwatchable due to continuous scrolling/ pixelation/loss of sound (not sure if it was just my room or the whole hotel cable package).  The fridge in the room kept things slightly cooler than room temp (which, with the a/c issues wasn’t very cool) .

The best part of the room/hotel was the free coffee in the lobby, the decently comfortable bed and the always empty pool .

I will definitely look elsewhere for lodging next time I visit San Antonio (probably within the next three months) and I recommend that you do as well.

–Edited to add: I posted this review on Red Roof Inns Facebook and they deleted it. How’s that for customer service?

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