The one where I review Tom’s Of Maine Naturally Dry (unscented) Deodorant

I got wind of this freebie on facebook and it  was a pain to request. Long loading times and multiple button clicks just to get to the sample request page.. I’m not going to put it all on Toms– some of it had to be Facebook design error and so I shall blame them.

According to the Tom’s Website — “Clinically proven 24-hour odor protection. New Tom’s of Maine Naturally Dry antiperspirant is clinically proven to help you stay dry and fresh, without artificial fragrances or preservatives. In fact, it applies the same rigorous performance standards of conventional antiperspirants for wetness protection. Naturally Dry AP contains a wetness protection ingredient made from recycled aluminum (which was originally derived from natural mineral bauxite ore). The 24-hour odor protection formula helps keep you fresh all day long and contains a powerful anti-microbial olive leaf extract.

My thoughts — I’ve been wearing Tom’s for 24 hours now, and I have to say that for the claim of staying dry– it’s accurate. I was out in the sun on the beach and didn’t have any underarm wetness. The fresh on the other hand was a little iffy– when I put on Tom’s it felt sticky. 24 hours later and it’s still a little sticky. Not sure if it’s made that way or if it’s just the way it feels on my skin. I definitely don’t feel sticky gross like I’ve sweat all day, but it’s sticky for sure– kinda how it feels if you use a cheap lotion or sunscreen.. that sticky but still slightly greasy feeling.
Would I buy it– probably not.  I’ve been entirely too concerned with how sticky it feels compared to my normal Dove and I just don’t’ think I like to focus that much on my underarms.


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