The one where I review the Eucerin and the Fish Oil capsules

 Eucerin sample

My thoughts: It’s deceptively small.  The .14 FL oz package doesn’t seem like it’d go a long way, but it was more than enough for my hands, forearms and legs and a small amount left over for my cheeks. It’s unscented so my allergies like it. It’s not overly greasy, but still has a slight amount of slip and slide that it making it hard to control my mouse right after using it.

Would I buy it: Probably. It’s not my favorite lotion (that honor goes to Queen Helene’s Cocoa Butter) but for what I paid (nothing, lol) it does the job.  It’s dermatologist tested so it shouldn’t block my pores but we shall see. I used a small amount on my face in the areas that normally breakout when I use regular lotions/creams so I should know in the next few hours how well that claim holds up.

  Edited to add : Still feeling greasy over 3 hours later.

Fish Oil Capsules

I don’t remember when I requested these so I can’t tell you how long it took to get them

My thoughts:  These taste like the glue on envelopes or stamps. They feel like hardened gummy bears and are ENORMOUS.

Would I buy it:  I’d need more than an one day sample to tell you if this product was going to work out in the long run. So , based solely on taste and the size of the sample compared to the suggested serving size, no.

Edited to add: While the package does say it won’t give you fish burps (and it doesn’t) It should have a disclaimer on there that states that you will have the after taste equivalent of licking a bajillion envelopes for hours after taking these.


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