The one where I request the Stash (Stash Tea that is)

I emailed Stash Tea  via their website stating:

I love tea, and I especially love your tea. Do you make an
English Breakfast or Irish Breakfast flavor?
These are flavors I’ve not seen made by Stash.
Also, would you please be so kind as to send
me samples of
some of your best teas? I’ve had most of them,
but certainly not all of them! Thank you very much! Becky Gargan, tea enthusiast
(with my address added for mailing purposes)

Update 8/20 Received email from Stash stating that they would send me samples of
the two types of tea I requested.

Update 8/26 Received package from Stash with not only the two types of tea I requested but several more :
English Breakfast Black, Licorice Spice, Peach Black, Wild Raspberry Hibiscus, Super Irish breakfast and
Jasmine Blossom Green.


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