The one where I get the Poise and Kotex Pad samples

I don’t remember when I requested these but I got them today… I don’t use pads, so I don’t really have a reference point to base my findings off of.


Request yours (here)

My thoughts — These things look huge. Like the just had a baby-in the delivery room pad huge. Perhaps it’s because these aren’t your normal period pads but are for bladder control issues, but damn. I would think that if I wore these, everyone would be able to tell. There is just no way that these could possibly be discreet and comfortable.

Would I buy it: Hard to say. I’m not suffering from bladder leakage issues and I just cant wrap my head around what is almost the equivalent of an adult diaper.


Request yours (here)

My thoughts — Holy cow… I thought the Poise pads were huge. This pad is literally 3 inches wide (for a frame of reference..that’s as wide as my average sized palm) and 9 inches long. Wow!! Those are some giant dimensions. I’m pretty sure the pads I used after giving birth 12 years ago weren’t that big.

Would I buy it: Hard to say. Not a pad wearer and I can honestly say that I don’t own very many pants that would still fit once I put this one.


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