Last week I was googling, hoping to find interesting things before my brain melted down. I came across this:


 The message stayed with me. I repeated the words in my head and it made me feel good each time I did. I kept thinking about it as I walked around, wondering who put the message there and why.

The words stayed with me a few days, each time I’d think them I’d have pleasant thoughts. I imagined a person touched by the unexpected kind actions of another. I imagined the happiness of someone being told they inspired someone else. I imagined someone grateful for another person but too shy to say so. I imagined people who inspired me and others. I imagined that I was filling someone with hope just by being me.

Everything I imagined was nice, everything made me connected and happy.

I began to think the message’s only purpose was to inspired happy thoughts. And for me it did. I think the mystery was a big part of it. Why this message and to whom? The mystery kept me thinking about it. And it was nice.

And so it continues… your existence gives me hope. Hope for the future, hope for you, hope for me. Hope for humanity. Thank you.


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