>The Finale….

>On Monday August 31st 09, Jason (the Ex) and I walked into a court room and declared in front of God and everyone that we were done. Done with each other, done with being a family, done with being married.

It all ended. 11.5 years of my life, down the drain. I have nothing really to show for it but a bruised ego, an un-trusting heart and the faint hope that in the end, I will be okay.

It’s been a tumultuous few months between the two of us with little respite from stresses of daily life as a family of sorts.

I’ve moved out, we’ve both moved on.

I won’t lay blame at anyone’s feet, God knows I made my fair share of mistakes and wrong turns as has he.

But, in the end it was the best decision for the kids, and that’s what matters right now.

I am doing my best to maintain a positive relationship with him for the sake of our three gorgeous children, and I won’t lie– It’s hard. It’s hard to accept him in only that capacity as a father to my children, knowing that I have no further access to his daily life….that the stuff I’ve been privy to for the last decade is no longer “any of my business”. Do I think I can maintain a friendship with him? I don’t know… But I do know that I will not tolerate any one bad-mouthing him in front of me or to me or my children.


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